About The Photographers


Nick and Diane are primarily location portrait photographers who enjoy a variety of subjects and styles. Nick enjoys taking the more candid "life's spontaneous moments", whereas Diane prefers the sophisticated art of formal portraits. Together they provide their clients with the best of both worlds in each session. They love the excitement of photography and yet they equally enjoy spending time getting the perfect portraits of you, your business, and your family.

After driving their family crazy with the ever present camera flashes for years, Nick and Diane decided to take their act on the road and go pro photography as a business. They have been working successfully as Ross-Miller Photography for several years and are now revamping themselves completely (name and all) into MP Generations Photography.

They still take the same time and care with each of their clients as they did with their own family, and they keep it personal yet professional. Their goal is to make you to be as happy with your portraits as you will be with their excellent service.